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What are some of the pros and cons of becoming a registered nurse?

I am a sophomore in high school and looking to work in the medical field. I have recently been interested in becoming a registered nurse after college, but I do not know a lot about the job. What are some of the pros and cons of the job and/or working in the medical field?
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2 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

Hi Gabriella,

The pros of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) is there are so many opportunities available in the healthcare field that you can work in because this field is very big. In this field you can work in areas such as the Emergency room caring for people who are brought to the hospital on the ambulance and more in other areas. You get to learn and work on different skills as a nurse such as giving injections similar to flu shots with a needle and syringe, and doing wound care by changing bandages and cleaning wounds.
The cons of becoming an RN is you have to really make sure you are giving the right accurate amount of medication to the people you are caring for because if you don’t you can accidentally kill or injure the patient. You have to make sure that you document accurately the patient’s health status in areas like are they eating well because if you don’t other people part of the health care team like the doctor could not be aware of something and not know then something bad happens where the patient gets sick. Hope this helps.

-Thank you,

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Mansi’s Answer

The pros and cons of nursing are as follows:

Pro: Nursing is a trusted profession.
Con: Dealing with bodily fluids.

Pro: Many different specialties available.
Pro: Getting ready for the work day is simple.

Con: 12-hour days.
Pro: 12-hour days.

Pro: Variety in your daily work.
Con: Being underappreciated.