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In your opinion, what is the most difficult thing about being a nurse?

I am an aspiring nurse and I want to know the cons about the job. #nursing #healthcare #registered-nurses #hospital-and-health-care

The most difficult thing about nursing that I have experienced is to NEVER stop learning and growing in your knowledge of whatever specialty you get into. I have seen too many nurses become complacent with the status quo and don't challenge themselves enough opening to other opportunities of learning. The health care field is always changing with new technology and new ways of treating diseases, new ways to approach patient care, etc. Knowledge empowers you to learn and it also empowers you to make changes in improving the community. Learning how to apply this knowledge can go along way. So don't stop learning. Grow and seek it all the time even if you think you know it already. There's always room for growth everyday. Angela Redito Ichinose

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2 answers

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Rehana’s Answer

In addition to what Katia said, depending on what type of setting your working. If it's inpatient your working 3 12 hour shifts with rotating weekend or 5 8 hour shifts or 4 10s. If it's inpatient you can have 1 nurse to 4 5 or 6 patient that you have to care for. It's not a punch in and punch out from the nurses I interact with and you get lucky if you get out on time because patient's come first. You can work in an outpt setting, but you can see 10-15 or more patient's a day. So being a nurse is big job and they are in the trenches this is a career, passion for people who work on these units. As a nurse you create a bond with the patient's, you become a listener, it's a rewarding job and it's not about the money for some. Nurses have a lot of responsibility and as a Heathcare recruiter for nearly 12 years I have met an amazing group of nurses and common denominator is passion for patient care.

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Katia’s Answer

Depends on where you work and in what capacity. Generally speaking, any professional that deals with direct patient care is stressful because your foremost important duty is to do no harm and help the patient recover respect his or her limitations. So in any given work environment you'll find challenges, be it with the environment itself, uncooperative collegueas, patient family, work overload... you name it. You need to know your limitations, understand your scope of practice very well, the regulations and policies of your facility so you can make safe and well-informed decisions.