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how long do you have to attend school to become a dentist

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

This may vary by state, but generally it takes a bachelor degree plus Dental School which takes 6-8 year of schooling to become a Dentist.

Here are some links that offer more details:

Becoming a Dental Hygienist generally takes 2-4 year of dental hygienist school and an associate degree.,with%20the%20American%20Dental%20Association.
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jennifer’s Answer

Hi there !
4 years for your bachelors. Then dental school is 4 years plus 1 year of externship. If you are going into any specialties, it ranges from 3-5 years additionally. Oral surgeon is 5 ,endodontist is approx. 4 and pediatric is 3.
These are based on NY specialties at Stony Brook University where I went.
-Jennifer C