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What should I major in if I want to become an epidemiologist?

I'm a high school senior and I'm thinking of majoring in microbiology with a minor of statistics; would these be good choices if I want to eventually join the epidemiology field?
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2 answers

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Amy’s Answer

If you know you want to go into medicine, science, or biotechnology, you can't go wrong with statistics as a minor and biology or microbiology as a major. I would recommend, however, that you make room in your schedule for philosophy, ethics, or social sciences to create a well rounded undergraduate experience.

Thank you :) Fabian F.

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Gizem’s Answer

Hi Fabian!

I think both microbiology and statistics are very good choices to prepare for a career in epidemiology. Additionally, taking courses related to public health, health sciences, and social sciences would benefit your future career significantly. Statistics (especially biostatistics) will be a major part of your epidemiology studies so it will definitely help you a lot to have strong foundation in that area.

Best of luck in your studies!