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Anthony W. Jul 28, 2018 174 views

How does the process of school transcripts actually work

When you send off a your school transcripts do your senior transcripts go after senior or during a certain time period?...


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Aubrey A. Aug 22, 2018 203 views

Doubling up on science classes?

Hello, I am an upcoming freshmen and I am making my schedule. There is a Honor's Organic Chemistry course that is only offered the first term at my school and I would benefit from taking it. I am already signed up to take a biology course for my first term, would it be wise to double up on...

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Jeniffer E. Aug 31, 2018 196 views

Can we use scholarships granted in the U.S all over the world?

If a scholarship is given in the U.S can we use it out of the U.S? #worldwide # #international-expertise #college...


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Lillian H. Jul 17 103 views

How can I gain experience in the STEM fields?

I am thinking about majoring in the Physics field in the future when I am in college. I want to gain some experience in the field. #women-in-stem #stem...


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Aleksandra B. Jul 29 97 views

When do I begin studying for the MCAT?

I just finished my first year as an undergraduate student. I'm majoring in biochemistry and minoring in psychology. I know these two fields are very helpful for the MCAT. (I am very interested in those fields as well, so it was not the only reason I chose them.) When did you begin studying for...

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Allison S. Aug 15 60 views

Should I reach out to my prospective grad schools via email and introduce myself/express interest?

I am graduating this December and will be applying to grad schools later this fall. I am wondering if I should email the schools I am interested in beforehand and introduce myself and express interest? I will be applying to psychology PhD and PsyD programs and am wondering if this might help...

#phdpsychprograms #gradschool #graduation #emailinginterest

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İrem K. Aug 18 70 views

How can I find an online research or internship program?

I am looking for online research or internship programs for high school students. But it is very hard to find when you are under 18. Any suggestions? #summer-internship #internships...