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Fiepre C. Oct 08 91 views

What can I do to research and travel?

I’m leaning towards going into the STEM field and researching DNA. Maybe even research with psychology, nothing is concrete right now but I’m really interested in researching. But I also want to travel around the world while researching so my question is how can incorporate the two? I...

#science #research #psychology #travel #researcher

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Fiepre C. Sep 04, 2019 84 views

Masters or experience

So I want a regional medical laboratory Scientist for the foreign service. I’m not required to get a masters degree but I am required to have at least five years of laboratory experience. If things goes as plan I might go to graduate school for free so I’m conflicted. Should I go to school and...

#career #job

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Fiepre C. Aug 29, 2019 118 views

I think I might have to make my own career

So I want to major in international relations and chemistry. I love them both equally and I don’t think I could trade off one or the other. I want to live in other countries and work but I don’t know how I’m going to combine the two degrees that I want to get into one full blown job. Also, both...

#college-major #job #communication