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Emily B. Oct 22 69 views
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Sameea F. Nov 19 34 views

For entry level Data Analytics job what kind of project should add in portfolio. #GivingisCaring

I did master in Information Technology and I want to do work in data...


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Miguel Z. May 02, 2019 60 views

What would be a good way to effectively balance and explore all sorts of college opportunities?

I'll be a Mechanical Engineering freshman this Fall and hope to take the most out of my college years. However, with so many different opportunities, and so little time- even though I know it is quite common for engineers to take more than four years to graduate-, it seems a bit hard to balance...

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Bella K. Nov 12 49 views

How can I survive an unpaid internship?

After I graduate high school, my goal is to move to NYC and do 3-4 fashion internships, which I know rarely pay at all. I would really appreciate any tips about how to not go broke living like this! #fashion #intern #internship #summer #apparel-and-fashion...


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Wooju Y. Jul 04, 2016 572 views

Service Hours

High school student here and I realized that service hours are pretty important to get in to a good college. So I have been looking for ways to get service hours. But since I'm usually in a place where it's about an hour away from the nearest urban city, I figured I needed or at least, prefer...

#websites #volunteering #volunteer-management #college #resume

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Rebecca A. Jun 22, 2018 498 views

How should I prepare for a Consulting Case Interview?

I'm interested in management consulting. How should I prepare for the case portion of interview? I haven't taken any business classes, although I have taken micro economics and macro economics. #consulting #interviews #case-interview...


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Khushi K. Aug 31, 2018 324 views
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jose M. Feb 22, 2018 613 views

I work for AT&T in retail now, how can i transition to AT&T in IT?

I'm a college senior who is expected to graduate from the Information Technology program in may 2018 and currently I'm an intern as a data quality analyst. I love working for AT&T but i feel like i may have to look else where to get a start in my IT adventure, does anyone have any...

#graduate #college #information-technology #loyalty #retail #search #career-transition #att #big-data #mentor #internships

Kimberly S.’s Avatar
Kimberly S. Jan 18, 2018 411 views

Is it a bad idea to pursue a study abroad program that will neither apply to my major nor provide me credits that I don't already have?

I am a psychology major and am currently interested in applying for 2 very different study abroad programs. One is a psychology program and the other is a Spanish program. I ask this question because I already obtained all the language credits I need from high school but I still wish to learn...

#language #study-abroad

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Rosa W. Aug 31, 2018 323 views

How do you deal with sexism in the workplace?

I am a student and an officer in my school's engineering groups. I am working with our Society for Pre-engineering at the moment, and I have had to deal with a great deal of sexism. I get comments about being to "girly" to be an engineer and how its a "shame" that I want to spend time in labs....

#womeninstem #societyforwomenengineers

Mailei Z.’s Avatar
Mailei Z. May 28, 2018 308 views

How can you build experience for chemistry/biology lab-based careers?

I am interested in doing research or working in a lab as a career, but I have no clue how I should go about gaining experience for positions outside of what I'm learning in college. I currently do undergraduate research but it oftentimes does not feel like enough! Many lab jobs seem highly...

#entry-level #career-counseling #career-choice #chemistry #biology

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Ramsey P. Aug 03 203 views

What is it like working in HR?

A was browsing a list of careers on the internet, and I came across Human Resources. It definitely sparked my interest, so I did some more research. I could really see myself going into HR, but i would like a little more information. For example, what does a typical day consist of? Do you make...

#human #college #social-work #business #human-resources #helping-others

Helen B.’s Avatar
Helen B. Mar 15, 2016 589 views

If you had to describe a person perfect for a career in investment management what would they be like and why?

I'm debating between a few careers so I'd like to know what type of person is perfect for a career in investment management so that I can figure out which career option suits me best. #finance #financial-services #investment-management...


Veronika M.’s Avatar
Veronika M. Aug 12, 2018 197 views

What schools are best for studying archeology?

I live in the state of Georgia and have been unable to find any schools that major in archeology. Where should I go to major in archeology? #majors #archeology # #college-major...


Justaney S.’s Avatar
Justaney S. Jan 20, 2018 404 views

Are internships a good thing to do while in high school and in college ?

My mom has some friends in the legal field and they've offered me the opportunity to intern with them so I can get "a feel" for the practice but I don't want to pick up something I might not want to do. #experiencelaw #legalintern #legal-studies #legal-services...


Zachary A.’s Avatar
Zachary A. Aug 22, 2018 284 views

If I score high enough on an AP test to skip a college class, should I?

If my AP Literature score comes back as a 5, then I can skip English 1101. This could be bad considering it will be a transition into college literature class....


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Madison H. Oct 15, 2018 263 views
Myan N.’s Avatar
Myan N. May 25, 2016 565 views

When you are certified to become a pediatrician, will you start right away as a pediatrician or will you have to go through the step ladder as an assistant, then nurse, then pediatrician doctor?

I would like to know if you go straight to become a pediatrician after medical school as you are certified or do you have to go through training at a doctor's office and be a nurse before actually treating patients as a pediatric doctor, since I would like to become a pediatrician. #doctor...

#medicine #pediatrician #pediatrics #career

Myan N.’s Avatar
Myan N. Jun 23, 2016 680 views

Which major will benefit me or prepare me to become a pediatrician?

I am currently a biology major but I researched around and it say you can major in anything and it will let you into medical school but I want to know which major will have the pre-med courses I need for medical school and help me to become a pediatrician. I am still lost about this. #college...

#pre-med #majors #pediatrician #science #pediatrics #medicine #biology

Sindhu  M.’s Avatar
Sindhu M. Oct 24, 2016 380 views

If you were to complete medical school all over again, would you stay with the field you're in now or would you choose a different concentration?

I'm a high school student looking to go into neurology, and I wanted to know about the different options and pathways that exist in medical school. #doctor #medicine...


Preia E.’s Avatar
Preia E. Jan 18, 2018 237 views

How to become apart of a sorority ?

I want to know how to become apart of a sorority is because I'm thinking about joining one when I go to college #sorority...


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