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Doubling up on science classes?

Hello, I am an upcoming freshmen and I am making my schedule. There is a Honor's Organic Chemistry course that is only offered the first term at my school and I would benefit from taking it. I am already signed up to take a biology course for my first term, would it be wise to double up on science classes in one term?

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2 answers

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Kilan’s Answer


Doubling up on science classes is definitely not a bad thing if you can handle the workload. Sometimes you will see crossover in concepts that will help you. Keep in mind that science courses have intensive study demands (especially organic chemistry), so make sure that those demands fit in your schedule and if you feel that the load is too much once courses begin, drop the extra biology class BEFORE the withdrawal deadline. As an estimate, I would see if I could commit to at least three hours/course per week of study time.

For context, I doubled up on STEM courses almost every semester and had to be very intentional to pick the rest of my classes around those courses as to not be too overwhelmed.

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Gizem’s Answer

Hi Aubrey,

I think it is definitely doable as long as you choose the rest of your courses wisely. If you are planning to get a degree in the STEM field, most likely you will have to double up science courses at some point. I had to take at least two to three STEM courses every semester in college, too.

Since this will be your first semester at a new school, I would pick less demanding courses for the remaining credits. Keep in mind that most science courses may have laboratory requirements or help sessions that you may want to attend. So it would be best to have some extra time in your schedule.

Best of luck in your studies!