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What type of college courses do mental health counselors take?

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4 answers

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Brian’s Answer

The courses you take really depend upon your major. In the United States, there are several ways to become a mental health therapist. You can be a psychologist, a counselor, a social worker, or a marriage & family therapist. The courses required for each graduate degree vary because the perspectives assumed by the field of expertise vary.

I'll assume by "mental health" you mean a counseling program. Counseling programs usually require 48-60 semester hours of credit and include coursework such as:

- Professional Orientation and Ethics
- Helping Relationships
- Counseling Theories
- Cultural Diversity in Counseling
- Group Counseling
- Career Development and Assessment
- Testing and Measurement
- Human Development Across the Lifespan
- Marriage and Family Therapy
- Counseling Children, Adolescents, and Teens
- Research
- Statistics
- Counseling Practicum
- Counseling Internship
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Helene (Eleni)’s Answer

You can major in psychology or social work and those will equip you with a foundation for graduate work to become a licensed counselor.
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Pamela’s Answer

Mostly psychology courses with other courses possibly from other disciplines tied in, yet it depends on the type of population you want to work with. Programs courses always will differ based on the state's standards for what mental health counselors require. Crisis intervention training is part of some curriculums as well.
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Dakayla’s Answer

Psychology and sociology are college classes that mental health counselors take. There are many other classes that they take that are specific to their major which differs based on each college.