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Will you be able to travel when your a lawyer?

I'm in the 11th grade and i don't leave my city much. I just want to be able to travel to new places but also be a lawyer. #lawyer #travel #student

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5 answers

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Latifa’s Answer

Sure! You could take a job working for a large corporation, and sometimes they will require you to travel to negotiate a contract in person with another company that is buying or selling goods or services from the company. You can also open your own law firm, which would allow you to work for your clients for a certain amount of time, and then take breaks to travel!

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Maya’s Answer

Hi Ja'Terika! As a lawyer you will have to go to law school and depending on which state you go to law school that is the state you will have to work in because laws differ state by state. So if you go to law school in California you can only be a lawyer in California. There are some exceptions that relate to federal law or if you are invited to consult on a case in a different state by a lawyer who is certified in that state. Generally however, lawyers do not travel much. This does not mean you should not be a lawyer but maybe consider taking a gap year to travel or doing a study abroad program in college that way you can experience traveling before starting law school.

Hey Maya, thank you for taking the time to answer. This information was very helpful. Thank you again Ja'Terika R.

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Glenn’s Answer

Hi Ja'Terika,
Ernest and Maria are right. There are certain kinds of lawyers that travel a lot. One of those kind of lawyers is a military lawyer or Judge Advocate (also sometimes called a JAG). I was a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Air Force. I got to travel to many places around the world as a JAG. It was a great adventure. And I also got to serve my country at the same time. If you want to become a JAG, I think the Air Force is the best way to go. But I'm biased by my experience with the Air Force.
If you are interested in becoming a JAG, one way to get information on that would be to go to an ROTC detachment at a nearby college and speak with the recruiters there. They can tell you what it takes to become a JAG. They can also tell you about opportunities for scholarships and other financial aid from the military.
Warmest regards,

Glenn recommends the following next steps:

Talk to a recruiter at an ROTC detachment at a nearby college

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Ernest’s Answer

It is certainly possible to travel quite a bit as a lawyer. It ultimately will depend on your area of practice and your employer. For example, many attorneys who work in-house (meaning they work for companies instead of law firms) travel to visit their company’s various offices around the world. Also, lawyers of all kinds travel for conferences and other events that are often held in different destinations every year which provides ample opportunity for networking and experiencing new regions.

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Maria’s Answer

As some other colleagues mentioned, it depends on your area of practice. I am attorney working for a company (we call it “in house”) and I have travelled a lot. Not only travelled, but also relocated outside my country and lived in 2 different countries so far. If you want to travel and develop an international career, your “must have “ are languages . The more the merrier. Great English skills and, for example, Spanish or Portuguese will be a good asset to an international career. I encourage you to learn new languages. You have plenty of resources on line, movies , videos, songs ... check your local library for resources. Wish you the best!

Maria recommends the following next steps:

Learn new Languages
Check resources at your local library