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what is the positive things about being a physical therapy and the bad things ?

I wanna know so i can know what im going to be looking for. Also, i love helping kids im a very nice and respectful person. children experience working-with-children

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Dhaval’s Answer

Hi Raikeema,

Physical Therapists focus on three main facets of medical practice:

Examining the patient’s condition
Making a diagnosis
Coming up with and executing a treatment plan
Note that treatment plans are very unique. Even patients with the same ailment or injury will nearly always will require their own specific plan.

As with any career, you will find the good and the bad. We can assure you the “good” list is much longer when you weigh the pros and cons of a career in physical therapy.

Perhaps the most notable pro is the exciting growth of the field.
Or maybe you’ll love the flexible schedules.
Your “number one pro” may be the fulfillment you get when a patient is fully rehabbed.
Regardless of how you rank the benefits, there are plenty of perks to enjoy throughout your physical therapist career.

In order to help you fully understand pros and cons of being a physical therapist, we will also share a few of the potential drawbacks you may find in this line of work.

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