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What are the positives about working in the business world?

This is important to ask because it can help influence others why they should join the business world. #business

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4 answers

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Scott’s Answer

It depends on what interests you and what aspect of business you mean. My career has been sales and sales management. It's one of the few ways to ensure an income commensurate with your abilities, work and persistence. Success in business doesn't depend on advanced degrees or connections, although it is a way to develop the relationships that will sustain a good livelihood.

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Gail’s Answer

Hi Anna,

My favorite part of the business world is learning. I've done contract work so have fairly short term assignments. In the past I've worked in hospital systems, transportation, energy, state government, banking and Medicaid. And I've gotten paid for doing all this! What more can you ask for?

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Jimi’s Answer

Hi Anna,

I am an external auditor with PwC and I work with my clients who are businesses in various industries and of varying sizes.

I enjoy the interactions with my clients and learning about their unique business. I learn what opportunities they have and what challenges they face. I love the fact that businesses drive a lot of what goes on in our society and that there are a lot of laws that are constantly evolving that impact businesses. Understanding the changes in standards through my career helps me add value to my clients and that is gratifying.

Like some of my colleagues have said, I also love working with brilliant people both internal (with my employer) and external (with my clients and their partners). That allows me to grow professionally and also mentor younger associates along the way.

I also earn a good living so that always helps.

I would recommend you to pursue a career in business. "Business" very broad but as you research more you will find a specific area that appeals to you. I found audit and accounting and I have never looked back.

Good luck!

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Cecile’s Answer

  1. working with smart people as you are

  2. find self-fulfillment at the job you like as business world has a way better variety of job options than some other industries

  3. create economic values for individuals and the society

  4. experience challenges and flexibility of your career

  5. making sufficient money to make yourself economically independent

The list can go on and on. Business is a very general term so I tried to answer comparing with government/military/non-profit. You can continue thinking from here;)