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Anna C. Jun 02, 2016 559 views

What are the positives about working in the business world?

This is important to ask because it can help influence others why they should join the business world....


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Matthew W. Jul 09, 2016 727 views

On-campus activities to exercise business-leadership skills?

Hi all, I know every college campus is different - different clubs, organizations and communities - but what are some on-campus organizations I should look into for more business-leadership experience? #college #business #leadership #organization...


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Jack M. Apr 11, 2018 348 views

What is an accountants day and weekly work schedule like?

I want to know how demanding the job is....


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Emma A. May 31, 2018 289 views

Are internships vital in later landing a good job?

I have lots of friends with internships unrelated to their majors, interests, and future career goals but they think it will look good on resumes later on. Do you recommend I get any internship I can get just for the sake of having a full resume? #internships...