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How can I become a mechanical engineer?

i want to become a mechanical engineer.

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4 answers

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Mohamed’s Answer

Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts and devices (e.g., microscale sensors and inkjet printer nozzles) to large systems (e.g., spacecraft and machine tools). The role of a mechanical engineer is to take a product from an idea to the marketplace. In order to accomplish this, a broad range of skills are needed. The mechanical engineer needs to acquire particular skills and knowledge. He/she needs to understand the forces and the thermal environment that a product, its parts, or its subsystems will encounter; to design them for functionality, aesthetics, and the ability to withstand the forces and the thermal environment they will be subjected to; and to determine the best way to manufacture them and ensure they will operate without failure. Perhaps the one skill that is the mechanical engineer’s exclusive domain is the ability to analyze and design objects and systems with motion.

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Navaneeth’s Answer


to become Mechanical engineer, you need to clear 2 year PU education (Science) & CET Exam.

after result you can join mechanical engineer any one of the college according to your Rank.

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Dhanesh’s Answer

Mechanical engineering has been an evergreen discipline for many years and will continue in future. with the degree of mechanical engineering from some premier institute you can get into your core company with good package so i suggest you to go for some reputed college for pursuing your degree.here are some of the colleges where you can get admission:

1.Indian Institutes Of Technology
2.National Institutes of Technology
3.Birla Institute of ITechnology
4.Lovely Professional University Punjab

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Mohana’s Answer

After schooling that it 10th class you Either have to do any course in class 11 and 12 or Do Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
Then write common entrance exam to get through a good engineering college and choose Mechanical as your course for the 4 years or 3 years of Education
If you study 10 and 11th class that it PUC it would be 4 years of course , if it is Diploma it is 3 years of Engineering.