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Is it better to be college-ready or career ready?

Asked San Jose, California

We are talking about this but which is more important? Should one be more required than the other? It's confusing me because we are constantly told that college must be a priority but yet there are places you can get a full-time job by just passing the Work Keys test and get paid a pretty decent salary. #college #career #job #career-paths #priorities

2 answers

Annie’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

Hi !

So, I think it depends on what you want to do in life. If there is a career you are interested in that can be fulfilled with a 2 year program, I would look into it. That being said, going to a 4 year college opens up a LOT of opportunities , both with networking, taking classes you may not have known you were interested in, and living the traditional college experience! My advice would be to look at both and figure out what you ultimately want to do and if a 2 year or 4 year program suits you best!

Thank you! That made more sense and it really helped!

Roberta’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas


I can tell you from experience that having college in your background can affect the amount of income you earn in your chosen field. I have some college classes but no degree and while this has in no way limited my career options or promotions it has impacted the pay scale I am offered.

So in addition to all of the reasons Annie Jean-Baptiste shares, be aware that another benefit of going to a 4 year college is the lifetime earnings it will bring.