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Gabby G. Mar 14, 2014 1759 views

What are the biggest obstacles in being an artist?

Many people have told me that a life as an artist is hard due to many hardships/obstacles but nobody has specified as to what they were. I'm curious as to knowing what kinds of challenges I may face if I end up taking up this path. #art #career-path #artist #career-development...


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Gabby G. Mar 13, 2014 806 views

How would you go about starting an art portfolio?

I'm interested in applying to an art school but my school doesn't provide me with a drawing class or any of that type of art class and I don't know what kiinds of things would go into my portfolio. I know it's a collection of your work but I don't know any more than that. #art #school #projects...

#college-readiness #portfolios

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Gabby G. Mar 12, 2014 709 views

What sorts of things would an art director over-look or be in charge of?

I considering jobs in the art world and I found that there is a job as an art-director and it looks interesting but it doesn't talk about the specifics in regards to what you would have to do. Or what sort of experience that you need. #career #jobs #art #experience #director #requirements...

#job-requirements #specifics

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Gabby G. Mar 11, 2014 759 views

If you want to study art, is it better to study abroad or stay in the U.S.?

I have been told studying abroad is better and I have heard that it's better to study here. I want to know what the difference is and why one would be better than the...

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Gabby G. Mar 11, 2014 955 views

What is the day-to-day experience of person with a job in the art world?

I am looking into artistic careers and I'm curious to know and find out about some of my options. #career #jobs...


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Gabby G. Mar 11, 2014 1020 views

Is it better to be college-ready or career ready?

We are talking about this but which is more important? Should one be more required than the other? It's confusing me because we are constantly told that college must be a priority but yet there are places you can get a full-time job by just passing the Work Keys test and get paid a pretty...

#college #job #priorities #career #career-paths

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Gabby G. Mar 05, 2014 641 views

What type of assured benefits do you get from getting a college degree other than saying you went to college?

Everyone is telling me how great college is for everyone and I want to know what kinds of things I will be promised or that I will definitely gain from going to college and then graduating. #college #school...


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Gabby G. Mar 05, 2014 791 views

Will it take the same amount of time to get certified as an art teacher versus getting certified as a regular teacher?

I want get into education and I'm wondering if there is a difference in becoming one type of teacher over the if there is a different length in schooling. #teaching #education #art...


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Gabby G. Mar 05, 2014 768 views

What sort of insight or recommendation would you give a student looking at having a job in the artistic world as an art director or even a teacher?

I enjoy art to a great extent but a lot of people warn me about getting a job in the art world and I want to know if all of these warnings (it's hard to succeed) are applicable to all positions in the art world or more so to specific...