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What type of assured benefits do you get from getting a college degree other than saying you went to college?

Asked San Jose, California

Everyone is telling me how great college is for everyone and I want to know what kinds of things I will be promised or that I will definitely gain from going to college and then graduating. #college #school #benefits

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Jenn’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Lots of jobs require a college degree for employment, particularly ones where applying your academic knowledge is a really important component (for example, being a researcher or professor). Also, you need a college degree as a starting point to pursue advanced degrees, like if you want to go to medical school or law school. Graduating from a 4-year college is important to be able to demonstrate your academic knowledge, and it can also help expose you to things like internships and important individuals in your field of interest that will also help you find a job. On a more personal note, you will also develop a lot as a person from your college experience, because it can be difficult at times and because you are exposed to so many ideas and different kinds of people. So that is definitely valuable too! :)

Thank you for your response! I think I would enjoy that last part the most :)