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Rio-NielC_af13 .’s Avatar
Rio-NielC_af13 . Mar 27, 2013 4854 views

How do I decide between career paths?

I am currently a senior in highschool trying to decide between career paths. I am interested in the medical field but I am also intersted in business. I was wondering what should be my deciding factor or some things I should take into consideration in order to come to a final decision....

medicine business money career-path career-choice undecided

Gabby G.’s Avatar
Gabby G. Mar 05, 2014 737 views

What type of assured benefits do you get from getting a college degree other than saying you went to college?

Everyone is telling me how great college is for everyone and I want to know what kinds of things I will be promised or that I will definitely gain from going to college and then graduating. college school...


Maria T.’s Avatar
Maria T. Mar 12, 2017 3318 views

What is the 1 book you would suggest everyone reads in their lifetime?

I'm making it a personal goal to read for 30 minutes daily again, and am looking for some quality material. Anything related to science, technology, or woman's history are very interesting to me. college engineering science technology tech women-in-tech reading women-in-engineering...


Michelle A.’s Avatar
Michelle A. Jun 01, 2020 325 views

What should I do during my high school years to help me get into law school?

As soon as I graduate my dream has always been to go into law. More specifically, to become an immigration lawyer. To go more in depth of what I'm asking is what activities or certain things will look in my resume when applying to a university? law lawyer graduate-school law-school...


Saneen K.’s Avatar
Saneen K. Jun 14, 2020 309 views

Can I make a career in fashion without getting a degree that is directly related to fashion?

I'm currently going into my sophomore year and I'm pursuing a degree in International Relations and History with a sequence in Data Science. While I do love these topics I am also really interested in working in the fashion industry. Perhaps going marketing or fashion writing, etc. I really...

fashion marketing fashion-design

Khin Yadanar S.’s Avatar
Khin Yadanar S. Jun 15, 2020 1255 views

What is the best advice for a beginner business woman.

I am an educational student. But I interested about business for my future. So, I want some best advice for me to success. business entrepreneur business-management...