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What sorts of things would an art director over-look or be in charge of?

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I considering jobs in the art world and I found that there is a job as an art-director and it looks interesting but it doesn't talk about the specifics in regards to what you would have to do. Or what sort of experience that you need. #career #jobs #art #experience #director #requirements #job-requirements #specifics

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Vivian’s Answer


Hi Gabby,

An art director is basically the person directing the project. Differs from job to job, but usually you manage a team of players, photographer, videographer, designers, etc. Each project is different too. Also, usually you work up to becoming one at an agency, steps are junior designer, designer, senior designer, manager, creative director/art director. If you were to do a freelance job and you are in charge of a lot of parts of the project, putting "art director" is a normal thing that people do. Good luck!