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Gabby G. Mar 11, 2014 1020 views

Is it better to be college-ready or career ready?

We are talking about this but which is more important? Should one be more required than the other? It's confusing me because we are constantly told that college must be a priority but yet there are places you can get a full-time job by just passing the Work Keys test and get paid a pretty...

#priorities #career-paths #college #job #career

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Bella H. May 12, 2016 784 views

Is it okay not to know what I want to pursue as a career?

I'm a sophomore in high school, and a lot of people around me seem to be set on what they want to do in life. However, I haven't really found a topic or field that I'm incredibly passionate about. #career #career-choice #career-path #career-paths...


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ahilandeswari B. May 19, 2016 547 views

how to choose a good carrier?

i hav to choose a good carrier which will help me to move forward ....and to select a good collage ... #education #money #career-change...


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Kendall R. May 26, 2016 685 views

How do I get to the career of my dreams?

I have no idea what it takes to get a degree in ASL and where to go from there. I am not even sure about colleges. I am kind of in a rut as my senior year is about to begin I see what my dream is but I can't quiet navigate the route. #career-paths #help #college-advice #asl...


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Alexandra C. Oct 12, 2016 1034 views

For female professionals: Have you even encountered any obstacles obtaining leadership positions because of your gender, and if so, how did you handle those challenges?

I've always had slight concerns about being a woman pursuing a historically male-dominated field (in my case, psychology research/professorship), and I was curious what have been the experiences of women in leadership positions. Was it difficult getting where you are because of your gender? Are...

#sexism #leadership #women-in-engineering #women #women-in-leadership #women-in-tech #women-in-higher-ed #women-in-stem

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Joana R. Oct 14, 2016 761 views

What can I do for liberal arts?

I am in college right now and I have no idea what I want to do, I heard this major they offer called liberal arts, it sounds interesting but I have no idea what careers are out there for liberal arts. #art #english #arts #studies...