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Is Computer Science a good major?

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I'm a student looking for jobs in a related field and a lot of these jobs that I'm interested in require BS in Computer Science how good is this major? #science #computer #graduate

2 answers

Toshiro K.’s Answer


Dear Adakis,

The previous two answers are great. Please allow me to add a few comments of my own.

Computer science is a good major, if you are interested in it and feel you have the aptitude for it. That is, you want to make sure the major is something that you will want to do day in and day out. Remember, your career is going to last several decades. You want to go in to a field where most mornings (OK, doesn't have to happen every morning :-) ), you wake up and feel like you want to go in to work because what you are doing interests you. The aptitude part usually comes with liking it enough to become very good at it.

Check out what people who do similar jobs like what you are looking at do each day and what kind of projects they work on. I do not know what the related field you are looking at is or the jobs you are interested in, but if possible, please do try to find out more about what they do. They may be able to help on what steps they took to get there and that may help you find your own path. They may be able to tell you where things went right - and more importantly - where things can go wrong.

I will say that there are a lot of great opportunities with people with degrees in computer science. Just to note, some of the opportunities are enhanced by getting a Masters or Ph.D. degree. In any case, best wishes on your career!

James’s Answer


You betcha! Computer Science is one of the most popular majors right now and one that also carries a lot of opportunity with it. Computer science doesn't just equate to landing a programming gig. With such a degree, you have access to many job opportunities in all sorts of industries. As with any major, you can minor in something else to heighten the speciality of your education. As with any advice on education, I would recommend you consider investing in a personality test like Myers-Briggs as well as a career placement test to see what your passions and personality lean towards. From there, I bet you can get a good idea of what you could minor in with your CS degree. For example, if you find you're good with music, you could major in CS with a minor in Music Composition. With such a degree, you could intern at organizations that build digital musical instruments like Roland, Yamaha, or others. I hope that helps!