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How do you choose what area of Veterinarian science to choose?

I am a sophomore in Box Elder County, Utah. I love animals and have been around them my whole life. I am a proud member of my county's 4-H and FFA. My dream job started in 5th grade and still hasn't changed. I would love to be a Veterinarian. I hope that I can find something with animals that I would enjoy.
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Gretchen’s Answer

Veterinary medicine encompasses a wide range of areas that you may choose to pursue once you have attained your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM) degree. You do not have to choose while you are in school, however you can “track” toward certain areas of interest to you. You will learn all aspects of all animal systems including anatomy, surgery, physiology, pharmacy and toxicology. As you progress in your studies, you may choose to take additional rotations in small animal, equine, exotic or avian medicine for example, especially during your clinical year. By this fourth year of study, most students will find where their interests are. Upon graduation, you can then choose your job from the type of practice that interest you most, like emergency medicine, exotic pets, equine or small animal medicine and surgery, and even specialties like oncology or opthomology!

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