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How can I have are job

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3 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

I would recommend looking at job boards in the area and looking at what their required prerequisites are. Since you're still a student, you can take the extra time you have to cross off any certifications that you need. Networking will also be crucial. A lot of the time, knowing the right person is the only difference between getting a job and not getting a job. Going to any kind of work fair or event related to your field is a great opportunity to get to know new people. Remember, for networking, you don't just say "My name is X, and I want a job". You need to share some of your stories, be curious about other people's stories, and put in the slow work of getting to know people one by one. Try to focus on connecting with people you have better chemistry with.

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Terence’s Answer

Hi -

If you're looking to work in the fields you're mentioning - medicine, pharmacy - the first steps are to continue to study and excel in math, biology, and science. These serve as a foundation for understanding the concepts required to go on and study in the pre-med related fields - microbiology, organic chemistry, physiology, etc.. From there, you'd learn more about the many disciplines in the medical and pharma-logical fields, that will expand your view of these fields and may help find specializations that fit you. In medicine alone, there's dozens of specializations for doctors (surgery, internal medicine, radiology, oncology, etc.), there's nursing, paramedics, and on and on. In both medicine and pharma, there are also many career paths across the fields academia and research.

Once you build the foundation through study, you can progress forward into more advanced topics throughout highschool/college/post graduate school. As you progress, you'll gain more exposure into the different fields of study and careers that may interest you, but it all starts now with good studies.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi, I am not sure I understand your question correctly. You are still a student. I strongly encourage you to continue your study.

Are you looking for part time job? What do you want to achieve to get a job? Do you want to acquire some working experience or earn some pocket money? If it is the case, you can explore any opportunities in school, e.g. Library, Garden, etc. or in the neighbourhood, e.g. Supermarkets, Fast Food shops, etc. However, some jobs that need some trainings. Those jobs may not be suitable to you. Your safety is the most important.

If you encounter any financial problem, I suggest you speak to your parents.

Good Luck! Hope this helps!