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By the grace of God, I have a very beautiful handwriting. My mother made me practice it since my childhood. Anyone who sees it just appreciates it and tells me to pursue a career in Calligraphy. i want to know if I can really get into it profesionally

What other choices I can have pertaining to my trait. #writing #writer #reading #text-editing #calligraphy

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3 answers

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Sandhya’s Answer

To be blessed with a beautiful handwriting is indeed unique.
There are various services like – designing greeting cards, invitations, announcements, certificates, business cards, menus and decorative books to logos, monograms, posters, motivational art prints or even titles for magazines and films. The increasingly diverse applications also extend to paintings, maps, and legal documents, cut stone inscriptions, ceramics, memorial documents and other handmade presentations.

To study Calligraphy refer to the different institutes below :

Sri Yogeashwari Institute of Handwriting, Bangalore ( http://www.handwritingaone.com/Calligraphy.aspx )
Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi ( http://ignca.nic.in/ )
Calligraphy India, New Delhi,
Noida, Haryana, Chattisgarh ( http://www.calligraphyindia.com/ )
Achyut Pallav School of Calligraphy, Mumbai ( http://www.apsc.net.in/)
Vikrant Karia Institute of Art, Mumbai ( http://www.vkart.in/ )
New Learning Horizons –Artistic Calligraphy, Nagpur ( http://www.nlhnagpur.info/ )
Write Right, Indore ( http://www.writerightindia.com/calligraphy.html )

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Susan E.’s Answer

I think if you major in ART and make Calligraphy your specialty, I'm sure you can do it professionally.

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Khalia’s Answer

Yes. You can teach workshops. I make money teaching cursive workshops to children. You could teach workshops for kids or adults and some extra money doing it. You could even teach a course online.