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Edgar A. May 04, 2016 880 views
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Beryl I. May 22, 2016 925 views

What jobs in the Entertainment Management field will let you travel the world?

I'm a 17 year old high school student with a burning desire to explore the world. I have done some research about possible jobs in the entertainment management field that involves travel. So far, I've discovered that International Event Planning and On-Site Coordinating will allow you to...

#entertainment-industry #music-entertainment

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Jennifer D. Aug 12, 2016 820 views

Any advice on how to pursue a music career?

I really want to pursue a career in music since it is something i enjoy very much and want to gain more from it , but my dream is often shutdown due to many people's opinions and saying how it is not a 'real' career. #music #music-industry #entertainment-industry...


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Gabriella D. Aug 12, 2016 1007 views

How long is a good college essay?

I need to start writing mine and I'm feeling lost #college-admissions #writing...


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Raii C. Jan 27, 2017 671 views

Do you want to work to live or live to work?

Sometimes I just wonder why people do what they do. If money wasn't a key piece in our game, would it still be the same? #business #money #economics #philosophy #life-skills #personal-development...


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Elizabeth P. Aug 30, 2017 539 views

What may help with getting an internship in publishing or editing?

I'm going to college for a English degree and I want to get an internship at the end of my two years. The internship, I would like it to deal with publishing and editing. #yep #publishing...


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Elizabeth P. Aug 30, 2017 689 views

How should I improve my writing?

What can I do to improve my writing. And also come up some interesting ideas for story? #journalism #thank-you #writing...