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Hai , I am Doing my 12th standard. I am Interested in Engineer (Civil /Mechanical). Which is the Best. Do we have scope to get job in Abroad

Hai. I am Yuvan. Doing 12th std. I am Interested in Engineer. I am confused to select Civil or Mechanical . Pls help to choose which is the best and also to get Job in Abroad. #professor #civil-engineering #engineering #mechanical #mechanic

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2 answers

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Zach’s Answer

I recommend mechanical engineering for obtaining jobs abroad. Mechanical engineering is like a universal language.

Thank you for the guidance to choose my career Yuvan Sankar K.

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Dayanand Sagar’s Answer

I would say pick whichever field interests you now, think about it, talk to different people and see what you like about their jobs either in civil or mechanical. Once you are in college, at the end of your first year you will be able to switch branches if you want to, most of the engineering colleges in India have this option. First year in college you learn about different fields, civil, mechanical, computer science, etc., so if you feel, you like a different subject, switch to that. Only from year 2 you get into your chosen field.
You will get jobs abroad, but it is always better if you get your masters degree. Don't think too much about it now, when you are in your third year in college you have to start think about masters and weather you want to do it.