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Hai. My sister has done her Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engg. Later she joined For a Job in many concerns. To Do UN What is Best Degree to choose

Hai. My sister has done her Diploma in ECE.. Later she joined For a Job and worked in many concerns. At present she works in Education related company as a trainer. She wants to do UG course in part time for her Higher posting. What Degree to Choose. BA Literature or BSC. Pls help to choose. #teaching #teacher #professor #educator #counseling #mentoring #counselling

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suraj’s Answer

Electronic communications engineers conceptualize, design, test and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems. They mainly work to integrate electronics and communications into any system they develop. These professionals might work for commercial, industrial, military or scientific companies. Examples of potential job titles include design engineer, electronics engineer and electrical design engineer.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2013, there were 135,350 electronics engineers in the nation (www.bls.gov). These engineers earned a median annual salary of $94,250.

Thank You Suraj. My sister doesn't have any work experience in Electronics field. All she worked was Collections Centers, Now for past 7 yrs working in Educational Field. So pls help her to choose any UG course to Pursue. Basically from India. Gokilapriya M.

Thank you So much Deepak A.