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What is like at Texas Tech University?

Updated Raymondville, Texas

I think I want to go there for college, but I am a little hesitant and would want some personal opinions. #college-bound #colleges #college-jobs #texas

2 answers

Ashley’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Hello Ralia. First off, congratulations on expressing an interest in attending college. College is a great experience, and wherever you go, you will have the experience of a lifetime! I am a graduate of Texas Tech University and I would like to share my personal opinions with you. Texas Tech is located in the west Texas town of Lubbock, TX. Much of the city revolves around the university, and a large portion of the student body at Texas Tech comes from other cities in Texas. Texas Tech offers a wide variety of majors, athletics, student organizations and amenities. When thinking about which college you'd like to attend, it is important to have a clear idea as to your interests and aspirations, and then measure those against what the school has to offer. The great thing about Texas Tech is that it has so much to offer in terms of academics and student body experience that people with different interests will find many organizations that appeal to them. A lot of information and pictures of Texas Tech can be found at http://www.ttu.edu (Be sure to check out the lazy river and aquatic center at the student rec center!)

Questions to ask yourself: 1. How big of a factor is location to me? Do I want to remain closer to home or move away? 2. What are the admissions requirements? Do I need certain GPA and/or certain ACT/SAT scores? 3. What are the costs associated with attending the university? What scholarships/financial aid services are available? 4. What majors are offered that match my interests? 5. What student activities and organizations are available? 6. What are the demographics of the school? Are there students that share similar backgrounds, cultures, race, religions, etc...

Thank you Ashley, As I approach my senior year of High School, I will defiantly be answering those questions and looking more in to Texas Tech University along with other colleges. I appreciate the advice you provided because the questions and information will help me to chose the best college for myself. Again, Thank you Ashley, have a wonderful day and a happy 4th of July. :) Sincerely, Ralia

Lyndsey’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas
Texas Tech was my home for 6 year! This university offers so many diverse opportunities for students interested in being involved. Although the campus footprint is large, the student population feels small enough to stand out and make a difference. The staff and professors are passionate about students succeeding. I would recommend making a few initial connections on campus, even if just with someone providing a campus tour. Then ask questions to help you understand the current culture, class sizes and what interests you. College at Texas Tech was a truly rewarding experience for me, but remember you get what you put into it (as is the case with anything)! Best wishes!