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Posted on Jun 23, 2016

My goal ultimately is to one day be either a veterinarian, Farmer, zoologist, naturist or/and veterinarian technician.

Context: As a high school student, I have been engaged in Agriculture courses and FFA to maintain interaction and gain experiences when dealing with animals. My intentions after I graduate is to take education course at a college that focuses on Agriculture and zoology. Later after my bachelors, I will apply for a veterinarian school, but if I do not get accepted, their is a college degree to help me find a job till I am.
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Ralia C. Jun 26, 2016 727 views

What do people look for in a scholarship application?

I am going to be searching for scholarships this upcoming year, and I would like to know what to highlight or include in order to benefit my chances. #scholarships #colleges #scholarship...


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Ralia C. Jun 26, 2016 679 views

What is like at Texas Tech University?

I think I want to go there for college, but I am a little hesitant and would want some personal opinions. #college-bound #colleges #college-jobs...


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Ralia C. Jun 26, 2016 432 views

Where is there a good vet school?

I love animals and want to work with them by giving shots and doing surgery, but I don't know where I should go for that education. #veterinarian #animal-health...


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Ralia C. Jun 23, 2016 483 views

What is the best way to recieve a good reputation, experience and education to become a veterinarian?

I am asking this question because I want to become a veterinarian, but as a high school student, I do not know the best way or requirements to get in to a vet school. #veterinarian #animal-health...