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Hi, I am Jana . Work experience gained at IT Field can be done by Working in a Concerns for many Years or Shifting to other concerns with the offers.

Working in a one concerns(IT Field) for many years will gain Work Experience and Knowledge or can shift to other concerns whenever there is an offer. Which is the Best for Product knowledge, experience, Quality output. professor educator software it mentoring software-engineer

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3 answers

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Laurent’s Answer

Hi Jana,

As per my understanding, we are here talking about whether to have a generalist profile, or bein a multitasker, and to have a specialized one. It all depends on what are your perspectives and career goals.

It’s true that specialists are far more capable in a given topic. Specialists would have put the necessary time and energy into studying a topic to come close to mastering it, this process develops other useful skills. That would bring you Product Knowledge. But that would also mean doing the same redundant work for a long time. Would you be able to do it? If necessary, would you be able to exit your comfort zone after passing all this time doing the same work?

A generalist however can do any kind of work at any point of time. A generalist pursues whatever whims occur, he may branch out further than a specialist. Which makes a generalist more adaptable and this may let you acquire a lot of varied experience and quality output.

As far as I am concerned, when you know a lot of nonspecific stuff about a topic, you are more likely to find your place in the world. If you are so specific that only one or two places will know what you are about and accept you, it makes life extremely hard. And we can often observe this phenomenon into multinationals that proceed to company restructuring. In this case, some people need to move to other roles. But because they are specialized, their profiles may not find their place again.

Wishing that my answer could help you.

Best regards.

Thank you for this answer very much Janaranjini T.

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Jose’s Answer

This is such an interesting question Jana! There might be some specific advantages to being a specialist (ability to to go in a topic, clarity as to what jobs you can do, etc.) as well as some specific advantages to being a generalist (wider view of problems, more choices around work to be executed, etc.). But it all boils down to what you think you want to do with your life...

I have followed different experiences throughout my career : from IT to marketing to Sales to Learning and Development and Design and Innovation. I feel good about that because I have had fun doing it, and I can see the problems, work, and life from a larger perspective.
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Jacob’s Answer

Hi Jana,

Understanding how to build software gives you the ability to work in almost any field as software powers a lot of different business processes. Some examples are: in government it helps to facilitate communications through e-mail and other types of messaging, for the medical field it helps to expand research through machine learning, and retailers all have some form of a digital marketplace to sell there wares.

All in all being able to build software effectively will allow you to find work in almost any industry you are stuck just providing services in what is the traditional concept of "IT"