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My sister is studying in class 12. After this she want to get a degree in Bachelor in Nutrition. What are the career opportunities?

Hi I am a class 9 student. Here I have a question on behalf of my sister, who just completed her +12 with Bi.P.C. She wants to pursue her Degree in B.Sc. Nutrition. What is the scope of Nutrition? #nutrition #clinical-nutrition #medical-nutrition-therapy

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2 answers

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Marcela’s Answer

Hi, Aafia J.

I understand your question is referring to the work areas of a nutritionist. If so, let me tell you that nutrition is a career offering multiple professional opportunities. Nowadays, it is a very competitive field which guarantees to everyone who is interested in it, a constant learning and update of knowledge.

Broadly speaking, nutrition has three main work fields: clinical, administrative and community. A clinical nutritionist can develop his/her career in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, outpatient care or research. An administrative nutritionist can manage any food service in any company or institution, can also work in food quality assurance and/or financial or human resources counseling. A nutritionist in public areas can work with the community (families, neighborhoods, schools, cities, government entities, etc.) in support of improving food habits and healthful lifestyles, thus planning, elaboration, developing, supervision and evaluation of programs and policies in food and nutrition.

These are the main fields of nutrition; nevertheless, it does not mean this is the scope of the career, there are much more options to share the insights of a nutritionist such as counseling and education, investigation, fitness and sports, enterprising, food technology…

I hope you find this information useful. The US Board of nutritionists is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, please visit their website http://www.eatrightpro.org/, you will find so much more information about what we do, why we do it, how we are regulated and how to become one of us.

Best regards,

Marcela M.

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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.