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How difficult or easy is the transition from High School to College, especially if you're going out of state?

I live in California, but I am planning to go out of state. I would like to know some of the hardships I need to prepare for. #college #life-transitions #first-year #out-of-state

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3 answers

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Lori’s Answer

Transitioning to college is both exciting and stressful. Time management is one area that many students struggle with. I suggest that after classes, before returning to the dorm, go to the library to complete all homework. This is important because while dorm life is a blast, it's not conducive to studying. By doing this, once you return to the dorm you are ready for fun! Depending on what state you are moving to, you may struggle with some "culture shock". Do some research into the different states you are considering to make sure that it "fits" with what you are looking for. College is one of the most amazing times in your life but don't forget that it is about the school work...having too much fun first semester could result in no second semester!!! Time management is the key to success! Good luck!

Thank you Lori! I definitely understand that the dorms are not very productive areas to study. I will look more into the culture of the areas I would love to go. Thanks for the advice! Jeff H.

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Rachel’s Answer

In high school your main core classes are usually English, Math, Science, and History. They all vary and are just basically more rigorous, high-speed, versions of the classes you took in middle school. Some teachers may give you a syllabus that outlines all of the assignments and major projects throughout each semester. Most teachers will give you some type of guideline that shows you what you will be doing throughout each unit in the year. College is generally higher-level, more quickly paced, rigorous and more in depth courses. You will have the opportunity to study more subjects and in much greater depth. You will also have much more freedom both physcially and intellectually.

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Ryan’s Answer

Lori has a great answer, so I'll just reiterate that it really does help to come up with a schedule. That will make the transition so much easier than just winging it.

Also, coming from California, depending on where you are going to school, be prepared for a potentially different climate. Many of my friends from the West Coast were shocked at how cold it could get in Boston, and how long the winter was. Depending on where you end up going, you might move to a warmer or colder, humid or arid, or other change in climate. Don't let this keep you from looking at certain schools, but just be aware and learn as much as you can about the school, area, and community as possible before you decide to go there.

Thanks Ryan, I actually am looking to go to Boston for college, what a coincidence! But I know that winter in Boston is sometimes horrible, so I will prepare for that. Thanks for the advice, too! Jeff H.