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How do you find out the requirement for transferring out of state?

For example California has assist.org which tells you the specific classes admissions and records like to see in transcripts when transferring from let's say a community college to a UC or private school. However assist.org only works for colleges within California. I am from California and would like to transfer to Western Washington University. I have called and spoke to councilors at WWU however, they only have given me a generic broad overview of what they like to see. So my question is what is a useful tool that can help transferring out of state easier and can help direct the student in letting them know they are taking the right classes. #transfering #outofstate #washington #psychology #helpplease #lifechanges #life-transitions

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Speak directly with the Registrar's Office of the institution you are considering for a transfer to get a commitment in writing of the courses they will accept.