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Pregnant, Full-time College-student, and business owner!!

I'm 25 years old about to start my first year of college, owner of an e-commerce business, and I'm experiencing. How should I handle the stress of business, school, and pregnancy?? Also, how should I multitask and be successful at the same time?? #stress #college-student #expecting-mom #business-owner #overwhelmed #help

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4 answers

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Jazhel’s Answer

Hello Brittani,

First, congratulations on the pregnancy. I think you are very brave to tackle a lot of responsibility but I know you can do it. I can relate on being pregnant and in college part. My advice is prioritize. Make sure you have time to meet deadlines, whether they’re school or work, and don’t miss those doctor appointments. Also, it’s important to make time for yourself no matter how short and have a good support system. Good luck!

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Brittani,

Congratulations on the pregnancy and school. I had a pretty similar experience actually. My son was born at the end of my Junior year of college, and I too was running an online business. Of course, my son came first so I started with that. I switched to part-time school and focused on my business second because that was my priority list at the time. Down the road that shifted and I closed my business and focused on finishing school. Now my son is 9, I have a full-time career, and I am running my own writing business in my spare time. The point here is, there is no one way to do things or a specific path. Put you and your child's health (mental and physical) first, and then order the rest based on your heart. Be willing to change and give yourself a break when you get overwhelmed.

Best of luck!


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Suleyman’s Answer


Number one priority is your baby and your own health. Without knowing your exact situation I recommend to delegate/outsource most of your e-commerce responsibilities. It might be difficult to give the control out of your hand but you should do it. Start with smaller/less important tasks and utilise virtual assistances to reduce your own workload in that area.

Suleyman recommends the following next steps:

Check out resources like fiver.com and freelancer.com

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Simeon’s Answer

I'd recommend reaching out to other moms in your area and getting connected to a support group. They'd be the ones who'd best be able to connect you with resources that'll be helpful. Congrats on the baby!