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Do you have classes everyday in college?

I know you get to choose your classes, but do you get to choose what days you go to the class? #colleges #classes

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5 answers

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David’s Answer

You may or may not. It depends on the class, and how many people are taking it. One thing to understand too, is that many college courses where there are hundreds of people taking it, have a Lecture + recitation format.

I went to college for engineering. Every engineer takes freshman physics. There are 300+ people taking that class. There were two 90 minute lectures per week for that class. Lecture #1 was held on Monday and Tuesday and Lecture #2 was held on Wed and Thursday. You technically signed up for a lecture slot, but in reality you went to whatever lecture you wanted. Lectures were just that, a lecture, there was no Q&A, there was no interaction 0 the audience was150+ people. Then there was a recitation section, that was once a week and was 45 min long. For the recitation you signed up for a specific time slot - there were dozens of them all week. Most recitations were tought by a TA. Class size was about 15 people. These were the classes were you asked questions, revieweed homework, and got further insight into what happend in the lecture.

For meduim classes, where maybe 50 people were taking the class, they would just offer the class at two different times, and you signed up for whatever one you wanted, and you went to that one.

For specialized classes (I had some with a total of 10 people taking that class) they scheduled one time slot and this is when you took it.

Note that most departments work together to make sure that their internal class schedules do not conflict. The engineering department is not going to schedule two engineering classes, in the same discipline, at the same time, because they know most of their students want to take both.

Depending on where you go to school, you also need to look at where your classes meet. It's not like High School where all of your classes are in one building or on the same small campus. Depending on your College, your class locations may be quite far apart. Where I went (Rutgers) some humanities were on a campus that was a 30 minute bus ride from the Engineering camplus. At that was without traffic. I think we had 20 or 25 minutes between classes. So if you scheduled an engineering class, with a humanities class right after it, during rush hour, there was no way you were getting to that humanities class on time.


Thank you! I’m entering college and looking at how to best make my schedule. This really helps! kymber.oney@gmail.com O.

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Geoffrey’s Answer

Best of the Village

Hi Jeff,

When it comes time to select your classes for the semester in college, the school will list what time the various sessions of it will meet (regularly once or twice a week).

So to answer your question,yes, it is possible to choose what days you have classes!

While sometimes a class you need to take will only be offered once a semester, so you don't control the timing, most classes will have a few different days / times.

Such options gives you flexibility to design a schedule that best fits your needs...for example, if you have a busy sports or work schedule, you could look to have all of your classes earlier in the day. Or, if you don't like the idea of having classes on Monday or Friday, you could try and collapse all of your courses from Tuesday to Thursday.

For me, this control / flexibility was one of the (many) great things about college. But with more flexibility / freedom comes more responsibility. You might end up having larger breaks in your schedule than in high school, so you have to be diligent in using your time wisely (while still having fun - that's part of college too) to make sure that you get all of your course work done (reading / writing papers / studying for tests).

Hope that helps...good luck to you!

I think you're really going to like scheduling your classes in college : )



Thanks again Geoff! I was hoping it would be an option to choose what day you have classes. Your advice is much appreciated! Jeff H.

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Kennard’s Answer

The best part of that question is that it all depends on you. You can take as many classes as you can Handel. If your a morning person take them all in the morning. Or the opposite take them all at night. If you plan on working at the same time, schedule your classes around your work sechedule. Find the balance that is right for you so that you can succeed.

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Jatu’s Answer

It depends on the classes you take. But for an example when you have your full schedule, you'll have the same classes every other day. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I actually had at least 1 class that was only on Monday nights. It depends on your professor and the demand for that particular class.

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Estelle’s Answer

Yes, you get to make your schedule to a degree. However, if certain classes are only offered on one day, you are stuck with taking what they offer.