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Jeff H. Mar 21, 2014 29417 views

Do you have classes everyday in college?

I know you get to choose your classes, but do you get to choose what days you go to the class? #colleges...


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Anudari A. May 26, 2016 491 views

What advice would you give to current undergraduate students?

Whether you have graduated decades ago or recently or are nearing graduation, what are some tips and things you wish you knew earlier? It can be any sort of advice from volunteering more, focusing more on your health and diet, or time management. As a current undergraduate student, I do think...

#undergraduate #advice

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Lindsay G. Sep 16, 2016 927 views
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Stephanie G. Aug 13, 2018 168 views

How to balance work life with school

what are some things I can do to balance work life and going back to school online #worklife...