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Did you ever have doubts when you were in college trying to get your degree?

Were there ever times where you wanted to just drop out or quit and if so what allowed you to keep pushing. university college

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5 answers

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Adam’s Answer

Great question! College is very challenging and can be overwhelming juggling so many things while trying to remain positive. The classes I had as engineering major were strenuous and demanding. However, I was able to cope by finding my tribe of other students I had classes with. The support alone of others who are in the trenches with you going helps lighten the load of expectations we place on ourselves as humans. It's easy to feel defeated, unworthy at times, or question yourself. I think those moments are benchmarks for you to override negative thoughts with justifying your goals and make note of the journey conquered thus far. There is such a gap between academia and the working world in regards to practical expectations in our endeavors WE choose. What college teaches you most of all though is problem solving, critical thinking/writing, and forcefully expanding your mind to breach the depths of your potential. These skills stay with you in your working career and personal life to help assuage many situations.

Utilizing guidance counselors, mental health advisors, personable professors and TAs, staff, organizations, groups, etc., outside of classes helps keeps an eye on your end goal and ease the stress a bit. Know that you are enough and not defined by a GPA, bad exam grade, or a failed class. The fact that you're attempting the better yourself through education and achieving a better edge in the world is commendable by itself. You'll thank yourself in the end for staying the course no matter what obstacles try to sway you. Keep pushing on and believing in yourself.
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Brayden’s Answer

Hello Luke! I think you pose a great question that a lot of students think about when they are in college. Its very easy in todays climate to questions why to continue school. Not only is school challenging in the first place but if you are like many students who are know having to learn online it makes things that much harder. I know my junior year of school was quite challenging and its easy to fail and exam or quiz and begin to have doubts about your future as a student. I want to reiterate again that you are not in the minority here and as you can begin to question why your spending all this time and money on this thing when I could be out making money somewhere. One of the things that I always went back to was my goals. For me ive always wanted to be an engineer and make an impact in the world so reflecting on my goals was on of the easiest ways to get me refocused. Another way which might seem simple is to simply talk about it. Whether that is with parents, professors, councilors, etc talking with someone about your thoughts is the best way to figure out your line of thinking. Its very easy to pursue something because someone else wants you to do it but I think its important to understand why you wanted to do it. There is a reason why you applied to school and picked your major and continue to do homework etc., what is that reason.
In the end we all have to decide what path is best for us because ultimately it is our happiness thats the most important thing. So take some time and reflect on your past decisions regarding school to justify why you are doing what you are doing. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!
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Simeon’s Answer

I had a lot of doubts about which career I wanted to do long-term. I didn't feel like dropping out, but I did get discouraged about being able to find my place in the world. It helped just to focus on finishing the degree and using my free time to try out different pursuits and see what interests were the best fit for me. It encouraged me that I would find my path eventually.

Focus on completing what you need to complete to get across the finish line. See if it is possible to get a smaller version of the degree. Once you're in the career, almost no one knows about or really cares which degree you got and what your grades were even. You might need good grades to land your first job, but you could just as easily get a great first job by networking well and staying in contact with your fellow students after college to see if they can point any job openings in your direction.
Thank you comment icon Hi Simeon, this is good advice but doesn't directly answer the student's question. Can you speak to any times you've felt doubt during college Gurpreet Lally, Admin
Thank you comment icon Good point. I've added in some more that should help on that point. Simeon Snow
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much! Gurpreet Lally, Admin
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Joelle’s Answer

Hi Luke!

YES! Of course, there are times when I have felt like college was not for me and I would be better off dropping out. College is not easy, it is difficult for a reason because it is the first time that you are fully independent and learning about life outside of high school, living with your parents, and away from your comfort zone. You are supposed to struggle in order to learn and grow from those challenging experiences, and honestly at the moment when you are feeling frustrated and defeated it is easy to want to quit and drop out. Personally, when I feel overwhelmed and I want to give up, I remember why I wanted to go to college in the first place! I realize that the opportunities and the benefits of receiving a college education make staying worth it.

Even if you fail an assignment, a quiz, a final exam, or even a class it does not matter in the end if you never give up and keep going! These small failures help to define the character that you build and give you the grit you will need later in your life and your career. Failure does not feel good and no one wants to fail but it happens in life! Like many college students have said, "C's get degrees". One bad grade or even several bad grades does not define you as a person and you can always do better next time!

Despite everything and all the hardships that you will face in college, there are a lot of wonderful things you experience as well. In my college career, I have made lifelong friends who have helped me through the failures and encouraged me to keep going. The people you meet and the friends you make are all worth the small failures you will experience. And in the end, when you are holding your diploma and walking across the graduation stage you will not remember all the negative and bad times but rather cherish all the good and wonderful moments in your college career.

You got it! I believe in you and never give up on your dreams. College is for you and you can make it through!

Good Luck :)
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Fernando’s Answer


It happens to most college student. Sometimes the degree program turns out to not be what you expected. Other times it's a combination of burnout and anxiety, or even something in one's personal life. There's a myriad of ways to deal with this, the most effective one, for me at least, is usually to talk it out with someone you trust. Other times it helps to re-evaluate what it is that you want, what it is you're passionate about and making a choice of either staying in the current program or change to a different field of study. Don't be afraid to also give yourself some time off to breath and gather your thoughts.