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What is the best way to get involved in the stock market?

I took a survey in class and the job that matched up best with my answers was financial investments #marketing .

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4 answers

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Sooksun’s Answer

That's great on looking ahead and preparing for your future. I'll offer some opinions on this as there is not going to be a right and wrong answer with this type of question.

There are too many ways to get involved from directly exchanging securities, managing other peoples' money, being a market analyst, being a financial planner/advisor, to being an investor. There are more, but this is more or less a high level list and is not meant to be a comprehensive list. It more important to chose an option that will play more towards your personality type and strengths. Like if you like doing research and summarizing data sets; you might find interest in working for a research group as an analyst or working for a company doing market research. I believe the most popular way people get involved is by being an investor, generally through a retirement account, that they want to grow over time. But those are people that leverage the markets and not really are directly doing anything in the market.

As far as being matched with financial investments, that doesn't necessarily mean the "stock market" (there are many markets by the way). That probably speaks more towards the idea of either money management or using capital to earn a return. There are a plethora of ways to do those from real estate, speculation, financial planning/advising outside exchanges, accountant, being a broker, market research, to directly trading exchanges.

With that said, be sure working towards a career in stock markets is something you want to get into because it interest you and not because a job survey matched you. Who knows what data points/sets they based the matching off of and if there were enough points to achieve a high efficacy result. I've taken a few of those and the conclusion I have come to is that you will be happier and more successful finding a career you want, not something that was imposed on to you. If you are excellent at something, especially in something you enjoy, you can generally find a demand for it and monetization will happen as part of the process.

If you are interested in finances; along with going the traditional route of a college degree from university; you'll want to do lots of self studying/researching on personal finances, taxes, how banks works, economics and area specific topics. Along with those, find mentors in the field you are most interested in. You can network with people or read biographies for those mentors, don't discount any of the opportunities to learn from others.

I hope there were some helpful tidbits above and good luck!

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ASLON’s Answer

Hi there. Starting to invest at an early age is the best time to start! If you are interested in stocks, a great app to check out is stockpile. This app lets you buy stocks by the dollar as opposed to buying by the share which could be cost prohibitive especially if you are looking to buy an expensive blue chip. You may need to have your parents help you set up depending on your age. You can create your own little portfolio to manage. I have invested in stocks for over 20 yrs. I have made a lot of mistakes. I am sure you will too but learn and move on. Investing for your future is vital!

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Matias’s Answer

The best way to get involved in the stock market study, a lot.
I try to watch youtube tutorials, people that do live trading, and recommend stocks.
Learn from the best investors.
Govern your emotions, it should be work and not betting, so you have to accept loses sometimes.
Develop a strategy and follow it, don't cheat yourself. Once it works follow it and stick to it, if it doesn't work redesign it and learn from your mistakes.

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Kathryn’s Answer

The best way to get involved in the stock market is to read, and read a lot. Stay up to date with reading news and articles about ongoing stock market activities. The news will always impact stocks. Once you understand stocks you can forecast and predict stocks. There are many attributes that go into stock forecasts. Education is also very important if you want to become an Investor in the future.