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What are the best classes to take in college to get into Marketing.

I a middle school student who took a survey in class that said that the best job for me would be marketing.#marketing #student

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4 answers

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Carolyn’s Answer

Writing courses as messaging and writing are a critical skill for all marketers. Public speaking or debate are great as you need to be persuasive in Marketing. Also, lots of Math classes. Reporting and analytics are INCREDIBLY important in modern marketing organizations. Some creative/Art or design classes would also serve you well. Good luck!

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Nicole’s Answer

Here are a few courses that I would recommend for Marketing:

1. Product Management
2. Data Marketing
3. Digital and Social Media Marketing
3. Public Speaking
4. Intro to Graphic Design
5. Storytelling or Creative Writing
6. Customer Relationship Marketing

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Marketing is a very fun career! Here are some of the most helpful courses I took in college:

(1) Creative Writing - Writing is a great skillset to have in marketing, so any class you can take about it or storytelling will be valuable.
(2) Design Fundamentals - I'm not a designer, but was required to take a basics course in college. It basically taught me how to use Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and other tools that are useful to marketers.
(3) Introduction to Film - While not a marketing class, this was a great way for me to learn about storytelling techniques.
(4) Public Speaking - A great way to practice pitching and presenting your work.

When you get to college, I'd also encourage you to ask your professors about internships. These will allow you to get hands-on experience as a marketer and were the most impactful part of my college experience.

Best of luck to you!

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Simeon’s Answer

Of course, take the normal full suite of marketing classes that you can get at the university. In fact, I'd actually recommend taking an advanced marketing class to start spinning your wheels on some of the advanced concepts. Beyond these, if you are able to take software classes at your school, it'll help you pick up some of the tech skills that you'll need to design and share marketing materials. A lot of companies will consider your tech skills if you gain competency in the ones that they use for their marketing.