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What type of job responsibilities are in the career business management?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. After I took a survey, business management was one of the suggested paths I got. I don't really know what job responsibilities are in business management, so any response will be helpful. #career #business

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4 answers

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Kelly’s Answer


I have been in a corporate world for 25 yrs now. One thing I can tell you that helps out is leadership classes. Even if you don't go into leadership these types of class can help you manage your own business and give you discipline. There are so many aspects in business management what department are you looking to go into? Operations, Sales , marketing or HR? If you considerate of what exciting you are looking for you will grow. Either way leadership classes are the key


Pointing the student in the direction of leadership is good advice but doesn't fully answer their question. What are the general responsibilities for those working in business management? Gurpreet Lally

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Dan’s Answer

Hi Mira,
The field of business and business management is very broad...which is great, but can be intimidating. Some areas within business include:
- Strategy & Planning: setting the direction for the company or even organizations within a large company. This products and customers to focus on, allocation of resources (workers, budgets, etc) and the steps to achieve the strategy.
- Marketing & Communications: planning and executing the ways that customers will know about and interact with the company. This could be TV commercials, radio commercials, mailers, websites, web ads, etc.
- Sales: working with customers to purchase the companies products or services
- Operations: establishing processes that allow all the groups within the company to interact with each other
- Finance: overseeing and tracking the budget, ensuring suppliers are paid, and customers are making payments

All of these areas need skilled workers and managers to oversee and guide the work. If any of those areas sound interesting, then I would encourage you to explore them further.
Good luck!

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Simeon’s Answer

You will need a broad set of skills including software skills, hiring and firing, budgeting, presenting, communicating, and budgeting, to name a few. Also, to be in business management, you need to have started out with a different skill set and worked up the ladder from there, so make sure you choose a more specific career like accountant, loan officer, advertising agent, etc. I learned that lesson the hard way when I graduated and realized I couldn't land an entry level job without a specialized skill set.

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Stephanie’s Answer

I have been in management for Verizon for 13 years now. Most of what I do is a combination of managing employee performance and organizational strategy. So what this means is being responsible overall for the work the employees are producing, how much and the quality. I also have to pay attention to changing the training and coaching for the employees to meet the customer needs.