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Stephanie Schipull

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Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Spring Hill, Tennessee
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Adrian May 17, 2016 1046 views

What is the fastest growing job in the business industry right now?

I'd like to focus my education/schooling on the fastest growing aspect of the business industry. #business #career #career-counseling #money #career-choice #career-path

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Letlotlo Mar 28, 2021 734 views

How often will I have to work and how much will I get paid

I am a business management student at private college . During high school I was part of leadership committees for 3 years. I get along with people very easily and able to make lasting connections with people #business management #student #leadership qualities #sociable

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Rome Aug 03, 2015 934 views

how can i apply a psychology degree to everyday interactions with others

how can i apply this degree to owning my own business #college #business #psychology

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Mira Mar 18, 2021 446 views

What type of job responsibilities are in the career business management?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. After I took a survey, business management was one of the suggested paths I got. I don't really know what job responsibilities are in business management, so any response will be helpful. #career #business