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For someone who might become a pharmacist at some point could they start off with a bachelors in biology, or do they need to have a bachelors in biochemistry or macrobiology?

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I am a rising sophomore in college and I may want to become a pharmacist at some point but I am currently unsure. Should I go for a biology major or should I aim for a biochemistry or macrobiology major? #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals

3 answers

Huong’s Answer


I think choosing a major is based on your interest and preferences, the pharmacy school is not big on what major you have, as long as you take all the pre-requisites classes, check the schools you want to apply and see the lists. I knew lots of people do double major on biology and business (since my school offerred) cause there is not a lot of job you can find with bio major so think about career option before you choose major is also important, good luck!

Shawn’s Answer


I know a few pharmacists that were biology majors before going to pharmacy school. Heres a list of the Pharm. D prerequisites that are accepted at many programs in the US. Find two or three PharmD programs that are of interest and look at their entry requirements.

This is from the UNC Pharm.D program:

Math and Science Prerequisites
General Chemistry I with lab

General Chemistry II with lab

Organic Chemistry I with lab
Organic Chemistry II with lab
Principles of Biology with lab

Human Anatomy/Physiology with lab

Microbiology with lab

Physics I with lab (calculus based preferred)

Physics II with lab (calculus based preferred)
Calculus of One Variable


Biological Chemistry

Ekaterina’s Answer

Actually, your major doesn't matter as long as you have taken all the pre-requisite courses. Mine was Chemistry, but I'd had classmates who'd gone to Pharm school without finishing their bachelor's (about 25% of class, actually), or graduated with Bachelors in something like Computer Science - totally unrelated to Bio/Chem/Health Sciences!