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How hard is it to hold two jobs in the busy business of sports management?

It is known that some jobs require a lot of traveling when dealing in the area of sports management. How hard would it be to hold two different jobs (both not necessarily in the field of sports management). #sports #job #sports-management #sports-marketing #income #multi-tasking #risk-management

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2 answers

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Joshua’s Answer

Holding two jobs in any industry can be very difficult - depending on the specific jobs, it could be impossible (and some employers may have specific language in your employment agreement that forbids you from holding another job) - but for plenty of jobs it can be done.

I think many in the sports industry - myself included - would admit to having worked two jobs at the same time at various points in our careers. Mostly depends on how you're able to stack your schedule, and of course you need that extra drive & determination to grind through it!

All the best,

Thanks for the detailed answer and the quick response. It means a lot. Cameron S.

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Hector’s Answer

Two jobs in any field require a lot of effort on your part. Since I came to live in this country I had 2 jobs for almost 20 years, and even as far back as 3 years ago, I had a part time once a week teaching non credit courses of photography mainly for fun and the joy of photography itself, as the salary was not a big deal.