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Which career pharmacist , nurse practitioner, physician assistant , and nurse anesthetist will be high demand high pay in the future?

I'm thinking between pharmacist , nurse practitioner, physician assistant , and nurse anesthetist career options that will fit my lifestyle but I don't know which career will be in high demand . #nurse #job-search #pharmacists #job-market #choosing-a-major #demand-forecasting

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2 answers

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Rinna’s Answer

First you should think exactly what kind of lifestyle will fit you since not all the mentioned careers have the same working hours, not all are equally demanding physically and psychologically and they don't open the same doors for future career options if you wish to advance. Are you looking to find a job in private or public sector? Do you want to work in a big institute or in a small practice? This will already help define what kind of pay you are going to have. Then you should think which of these jobs have highest competition which means you need to stand out to be able to get the best position you want. Nurse and pharmacist in general are common healthcare majors so if you really want to aim for a job where is more open opportunities, I would recommend nurse anesthetist. Keep in mind that this will be the more demanding career choice as you normally need to study more/harder than with the other options you listed. But in the end you will be rewarded with great pay and the option to choose where to work at! Good luck for your studies

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Diana’s Answer

I started out as a nurse and finished my nurse practitioner a few years ago. The field of nursing permits great growth and can permit stops along the way to grow experiences. My very dear friend went to anesthesia school and assumed s great deal of debt that I did not incur. She had to have critical care experience before being accepted and could not work while completing that section of her degree while I could continue to work while going to school. There are several different master’s tracks in nursing including administration, education, multiple NP specialties, and even a technology route.