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Is sports broadcasting or entertainment easy?

I know it sounds like a dumb question, but really how challenging is this major? I've loved playing sports my whole life and have always dreamed of being a sports announcer. But unfortunately I'm worried the major will be to difficult to complete and I'll be forced to give up the dream. Is there challenging courses that could weed out struggling students like me? #college #college-bound #majors #entertainment #sports-media

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2 answers

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Karen’s Answer

Hi English --

Hope you are doing well. I am not sure I would say sports broadcasting degree is easy, I think most would say that it is interesting, fun and challenging. Like everything this field continues to grow and change quickly with the advancement in technology. Leaders in this field are constantly researching, evaluating and implementing new ways to bring sports to the world population. It is a challenge to say the least, because, what works today can be obsolete in a year.

Announcing has changed so much. There was a time an announcer is someone who you heard and saw on television, now, that announcer can be almost anywhere and can be doing the job using so many different mediums (i.e., traditional television, radio, internet, satellite, etc.). It can be overwhelming at times to thinks of all the ways we digest information.

So, if sports is something you've dreamed about, go for it. Leave yourself open to all the many possibilities available in the business. It is a different world, and, I believe the opportunities are limitless.

Good Luck.


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Ashley’s Answer

Hi English! Hope you are doing well! I would say this this is a very dog eat dog field. It is demanding and everyone wants to be at the very top. But if you continue to push yourself and believe in yourself, you can absolutely achieve your goal in the entertainment industry. It involves a lot of behind the scenes work and dedication!