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Can a humanities student pursue Oceanography as a career?

I'm a 11th grade humanities/arts student in CBSE board. I have recently developed an interest in Oceanography and would love to pursue a career in the field. But, can I do that if I have the Humanities Stream in school? #arts #oceanography #geography #humanities #class

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Vernon’s Answer

Of course. The curriculum in college will change dramatically for you. I hope you had good, basic science in H.S. Be sure to take AP biology next year. Also, if your school offers any geography, calculus and physics classes, be sure to sign up now. You'll be able to keep your fingers in humanities in college as you will be required to have electives outside your chosen major. Your college major(s) will probably be chemistry, biology, geography and physics. Be sure to take a course on weather. It wouldn't hurt to take a class in geology/plate tectonics and paleontology either.

Career opportunities will be relatively few for you unless you are an excellent student and do internships in the field and at sea. Become known at places like Wood's Hole and Scripps Institute in La Jolla, CA. Those places will be your doors to a career.