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What colleges have a good STEM program?

Asked Paramount, California

college applications coming out soon and i want an idea of where to apply #engineering #science #mathematics #women-in-stem #stem-education

3 answers

moises’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

There are a number of ways to find information regarding good STEM programs. It depends on what you are looking for. One way is to perform a web search for key words above. One thing to look for is that the information is recent. For web searches, most search engines allow you to choose how recent. I also look for the ones that are not ads. Hope that helps even though it was general.

Simon’s Answer

Updated Greensboro, Georgia

I took your question and put it in Google and came up with 21 top STEM universities....Including Massachusetts Institute of Technology etc. I would first try to stay in state. Look up an STEM university in your State and see if they offer the type of math, technology, engineering program you might be interested in. Big names are great, but expensive especially if they are out of state, I've hire a lot of very good engineers from many engineering schools and it come down to individual performance, desire,and applying what you have learned etc. Go for a good, in-state, school and do well in that school. Good luck!!!

bridget’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi Stephany: I like Mr. Robson's approach; would also encourage you to review the community colleges who also offer STEM related programs.

Check out STEMconnector.org - a pretty neat clearinghouse for the most current information on STEM education. You might find topics there that intrigue you and might possibly shape how you search for your school -- are you interested mainly in Mathematics; or do you seek to influence STEM policy?

You've picked an excellent arena and have your best years in front of you...Have fun!