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What are some suggestion for a BBA?

I want get a Bachelors in Business Administration, would like to know more about it!
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4 answers

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Chris’s Answer

I would say, to do some internet searches for the BBA and read about it. Then, I would do some research about the types of Jobs that go with a BBA and see if they are in line with what you would like to do. Always, I would keep in mind your passions and what you enjoy to make sure they align well with a career in line with a BBA. Think on things you have done well in the past - consistently well - and that have brought you satisfaction and make sure that the career choices that are inline with a BBA match that.
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Thomas’s Answer

"Top 10 Reasons to Do a BBA Degree:

Many people see a BBA as just another bachelor’s degree version of an MBA, but this is not true. A BBA degree has a lot of standing and value in the market, and it will put you on a path towards a happy and successful career.

Here are the top 10 reasons to do a BBA degree.

1. It’s a Versatile Degree
A BBA degree is not just about getting a degree for the job you want. There’s a lot more to it. While most degrees, especially at the bachelor’s level, are more about theory, BBA degrees are a combination of theory, practical knowledge application, and personality development. You also learn many different skills that will make you a wholesome professional and set you up for success.

2. Multiple Disciples Covered
In a BBA degree, a vast array of subjects are covered that will make you a knowledgeable professional and give you many options for pursuing a career. The different disciplines covered in a BBA degree are marketing, accounting, human resources management, strategic management, human resources management, and organizational behaviour.

3. Professional Degree
BBA is a completely professional degree that interests students who are serious about getting into careers in business and management. Students can get placed in good companies right after getting their BBA degrees. There is no need for getting expensive masters degrees which pretty much teach you the same things you will learn on the job. BBA holders have the highest employment rate as compared to other bachelor’s degrees.

4. Stepping Stone for MBA
Graduates from all different streams can join the MBA course, but if you are a BBA graduate, you will fare much better than others. BBA is an excellent preparation for an MBA. You are mostly taught the same things, but you delve much deeper into the subject in an MBA. This way, you know the fundamentals well and are better prepared. Also, the MBA is where you have to choose your specialization, so with a BBA, your career path is much clearer to you.

5. High Salary & Benefits
A high salary, coupled with excellent benefits, is one of the main goals of most professionals. A BBA degree makes it possible. With this degree, you open doors to the best managerial and administrative professions where the salary and benefits are the best. You also get promotions much quicker, and when you switch companies, you can get a sizeable increase in pay as well, but that depends on your negotiation skills.

6. Job Satisfaction
When you apply for a BBA degree, you are pretty clear in what direction you want to go. You are choosing to get into business administration and management from the very start. Therefore, you are in the field of your choice and this will get you job satisfaction. Most people spend their lives doing jobs they hate. But this will most likely not be the case with you. Job satisfaction also greatly affects one’s health and outlook on life.

7. Personal Development
As mentioned before, a BBA degree is not just about education, you also learn about personality development. The degree teaches you to be a strong, confident person who is capable of handling teams and run a whole company. You are taught to be a team leader and a good team player as well. You are also taught to be a good public speaker as you have to give a lot of presentations during your BBA education. By the end of your degree, you will be a more developed and wholesome person.

8. Networking
Since BBA is a professional degree, and most students who graduate start working in the professional world, you will have a great network of people working in different companies. These people can open many doors for you regarding better jobs, and more networking opportunities. And you can do the same for them. Networking always leads to better opportunities.

9. On-Trend
Updated knowledge is one of the best advantages to have, and you get this with a BBA degree. The BBA course is a well-designed course that aims to teach students as much as possible in the business world. The course is also updated according to the latest trends and developments in the industry, giving students a distinct advantage. From best industry practices to the use of technology, BBA students are better equipped with knowledge.

10. Affordable
A BBA degree is a lot more affordable than an MBA degree and other business-related graduation courses. Despite being 3 years long, this degree’s fees are not expensive. And in the end, you get complete value for the money you have invested as you get high paying jobs with additional benefits.

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Key Takeaway
A BBA degree will open a world of opportunities for you regarding education and professions. So, if you are still on the fence about the degree, go for it! It will be the best decision you have made. To know more about the advantages of studying BBA, you can get in touch with our counsellors who will happily clear all your doubts. Get in touch today!"
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If you are interested in doing business or you want to go for MBA then BBA is good option. There are good opportunities of jobs after BBA.
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Donna’s Answer

A Bachelors in Business Administration is a good foundation if you do not have a specific field of expertise that you want to go into. Or if you have aspirations of owning your own business in the future. Some of the core classes like Economics and Statistics were challenging for me, but may be a piece of cake for you. You can use the elective classes to focus on a specific specialty or keep them general. Additionally as you go through this field of study it may open opportunities for items which you find you excel. (Like Accounting or HR Relations)

Talk to your guidance counselors and advisors. They can help you make a decision on how to move forward.