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How will sport's management challenge you?


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Tiesha’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Sports management is a large social industry. Regardless what your job may be, the majority of jobs in sports management, whether it be as a team executive, administrator, marketing professional or agent, you will need to feel comfortable talking and communicating to lots of different people on a daily basis.

You will need to be sincere, honest, forthcoming and straightforward with every person you have dealings with and enjoy doing it.

It is not just a text and a fax, but numerous emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

Networking is extremely important in order to make the right connections and working those connections every day.

Networking is not just getting on Facebook, Tweeter, or LinkedIn, but getting out there, making your face known at conventions, sporting events, award ceremonies, and even accidentally on purpose running into someone where you have a chance to introduce yourself.

If you want to get into Sports Management, regardless of what area you are looking to get into, if a 9:00-5:00 job with weekends off and no travel is what you hope to do, sports management is not going to be for you.

Sports management professionals, whether it is as a team executive, administrator, marketing professional, scout or agent, you are basically working 24-7, seven days a week with lots of time away from home traveling.

Another challenge is resources. If you end up working for a large agency with a big bank account which spends thousands of dollars in order recruit a player without even blinking, then you need to thank your lucky starts and do what ever you have to do to stay employed there.

For a small agency or someone going it on their own who continually need to watch the budget, then this is one of the biggest challenges of all.

When every nickel and dime is accounted for, it is tough to justify such an expense, especially knowing that your clients can fire you at any time for any reason. There are no guarantees in this business.

While the sports industry is huge, the competition is fierce and cut throat to say the least. In taking sports agents for instance, agents are a dime a dozen compared to the amount of athletes available for representation. I hope this helped!

Helen’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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