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What degree other than sports management would be good to get a degree in to work in the front office of an NFL team?

I am asking this question because the I college I choose to attend may not have this exact degree so I am looking for other degrees that are similar to sports management. #management #sports #sports-management

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3 answers

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Vernon’s Answer

Labor and Discrimination law. Medical malpractice. Injury lawsuit litigation law. The NFL is starting to come apart irrespective of the money it's making for the owners. The NFLPA seems to be in bed with the league, so the players are being exploited as never before.

this is a lot of ifo Luke F.

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Steve’s Answer

I would also suggest a MBA, especially if you will be selling large packages for the sports team/club. Important to fully understand how business works and then as you speak to investors or firms who are spending large amounts with the program, important for you to be credible.

Enjoy the program.

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Austin!

Congrats on the upcoming college journey!! I'm so happy you have a path in mind...you are way ahead of me when I was your age!!

My advice: Psychology, specifically Organizational behavior. NFL front offices are big companies with many different roles and responsibilities. Understanding how organizations work and the psychology or mindset behind them could serve you well. It will also make you very malleable for whatever role might pop up at any organization.

Ryan recommends the following next steps:

Look into the Psychology Department at your college! See what they offer around Organizational behavior